Ceramiche Bucci. Passion for craftsmanship and beauty.

Ceramiche Bucci is much more than a ceramic company: it's a true experience. Walking through the artisanal workshop, one can simultaneously breathe an air of innovation and tradition that permeates every corner. The founder, Master Franco Bucci, started his activity in 1961. In 2010, the company was acquired and relaunched by Luca Cincini and Ilio Mario Ciaschini, who have maintained the tradition of innovation and design that made the company famous. The company's philosophy is based on a balance between design, functionality, and ergonomics, with the design of ergonomic shapes at the center of every work. Every product is handmade with the utmost care for every detail, following the standards of Italian ceramic art.

Here, our skilled ceramicists shape the clay with care and attention to detai

The in-house store is open to the public and welcomes customers in an atmosphere of inspiration and discovery. Here, our skilled ceramicists shape the clay with care and attention to detail. Visitors can witness the progress of the work and contribute directly with the ceramicists to create unique and personalized products that endure over time and bring with them the history and beauty of Italian ceramic art.By choosing Ceramiche Bucci, you choose to own a piece of history and beauty, supporting a company that has made and continues to make a difference in Italian ceramic art.

Ceramiche Bucci selects only the finest stoneware to create its tableware and home decor products. The strength, beauty, and longevity of these objects make them perfect for daily use. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of colours and designs to satisfy your every style and taste need.
Ceramiche Bucci offers unique handmade artisanal products with care and attention to detail. Their natural beauty and artisanal quality make them distinctive and original. Each piece represents artisanal excellence and the made in Italy, encapsulating tradition and originality in a single creation.
Usually, it is sufficient to use a sponge or a soft cloth along with alcohol, detergent or dish soap for cleaning our products. Further information is available in the FAQ section.
The Stoneware
Stoneware - Gres is a precious and resistant material, characterized by remarkable hardness and resistance to wear and abrasions, making it perfect for everyday use, resisting the wear and tear of time and use. Stoneware - Gres is a safe and hygienic material, suitable for use in contact with food.
Glazes and single firing
We are extremely careful about the safety and health of our customers, which is why we only use non-toxic, food-safe opaque glazes (MOCA). We use the single firing technique, which allows us to obtain products of the highest quality thanks to the fusion of the glaze with the ceramic structure at very high temperatures. This technique guarantees long-lasting protection, making our products resistant to wear and scratches, and protecting them forever.
Il design
Each product is the result of design and creativity and is capable of adding a touch of beauty and elegance to any environment. We love beauty and put great passion into making functional objects with great attention to detail. Every product we create is the result of a connection to tradition, but also a constant search for new ideas and innovative techniques. We are committed to continuously improving and always offering the best of our artisanal expertise. Our care for shapes and colors is reflected in our products, which are beautiful, unique, recognizable, and of the highest quality.

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